About OVGW

Austrian Association for Gas and Water – OVGW

Since its founding in 1881, OVGW has worked to promote the Austrian gas and water supply industries and associated sectors in all matters of scientific research, technology, business and legislation. OVGW is a non-profit organization based upon voluntary membership.

Of focal concern is ensuring that research and development in matters of gas and water supply remain at the cutting edge of science and technology.

OVGW's goals and activities

  • At the Austrian Association for Gas and Water (OVGW):
  • We represent our members' interests vis-à-vis public authorities, corporations and other institutions.
  • We advise our members in business and technical matters, and especially in legal matters.
  • We network with other professionals in the field and maintain intensive contact with decisionmakers, legislators and public officials - both nationally and internationally.
  • We compile the Rules for the gas and water sectors in Austria, which are recognized in the Austrian Gas Act as the relevant current state of technical knowledge.
  • We promote the safe, clean and economical supply and use of natural gas, giving particular consideration to environmental protection and to the prevention of accidents, malfunction and any kind of damage.
  • We promote and coordinate the sustainable and adequate supply of clean drinking water in Austria, and we actively work to protect water resources.

OVGW realizes its goals through a wide variety of specific activities:

  • We examine relevant problems and develop solutions in committees dedicated to particular aspects of gas and water supply.
  • On the basis of the most current technical knowledge, we compile guidelines and directives for the gas and water sectors.
  • We undertake general examinations and specific research efforts in the relevant special branches of science.
  • We fund research projects.
  • We propose legal and administrative measures in the interests of the gas and water supply industries.
  • We certify the qualification of companies and individuals, as well as of products used in the gas and water sectors.
  • We organize lectures, vocational training, conferences, exhibits and occasions for professional exchanges of experience.
  • We engage in public relations work.
  • We network with related organizations located in and outside of Austria.